I hope that wherever you are tonight , that you feel free

The winter air hit my face like a bitter slap . It reminded me that I was still alive . Still breathing , still trying to find my way back home . Home , a word that held no meaning until now . Home was where my soul ached to be . To heal .... Continue Reading →

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The brutal force of grief has washed over me tonight .

My brain tells me it's not supposed to be this way My heart tells me it's not supposed to break like this . My bones tells me it's not supposed to ache this way . My friends tell me it will get better . I don't believe them . My body is tired and weak... Continue Reading →

And then the fog lifted

She woke up this morning with a smile on her face for the first time in weeks. As she sipped her morning coffee, she realized the grip that grief held on her heart had loosened , She could finally breathe again. She took a moment to enjoy the sunlight bearing down on her pale skin... Continue Reading →

Hearing the birds chirp

Since the loss of my Sister and Mother in March , I feel like waking up every morning without them is like waking up to a world without the sky . The world doesn't seem as bright as it used to . Sure , I manage to do the normal things but deep down there... Continue Reading →

That day

The day my mom breathed her last breath was the day I lost a piece of my soul The afternoon I got the call ,I laid on the floor and howled an animal The night they came and took you out of my childhood home was the night  I became homeless. The day of your... Continue Reading →

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